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Project managers build business portfolios to compete and excel in today’s competitive environment.

Hiring managers and recruiters desperately seek strong project managers.  Project managers look for great companies who appreciate their worth.  Simply enough, RCents brings both of you together.

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What We Offer

We’re here for both of you.

Every organization needs strong project management professionals to succeed.  Project management professionals seek great businesses to serve and grow.  Even though both parties are right around the corner, today’s context laden job application systems make them hard to find.  RCents helps you find them and them find you.

RCents helps both parties take things one step further.  We help high potential project management professional candidates tailor their skills and their approach to your needs.  We help excellent hiring managers and recruiters set the right conditions and environment to serve your expectations and respect your worth.

Happy business leaders and happy project managers build healthy, strong, profitable, and resilient enterprises.  RCents delivers that win-win.

The mission of RCents is to build enduring networks between project management professionals and business hiring managers in order to both expand the project management profession and enhance the effectiveness of private-sector businesses.

Trust and be trustworthy.  We expect others to deliver their best and we promise to deliver our best.  We look for businesses and project managers who exemplify this spirit of trust.  We help people work past the jargon and the titles in order to build truly successful teams built on mutual respect and understanding.

What We Do


We run private events, support existing events, and hold small gatherings with the intent to bring people together.  Nothing sparks mutual trust like confident eye contact and a firm handshake.


Training fills the largest gaps between present conditions and desired outcomes. For project managers, we can help not only in your training to become a Project Management Professional (PMP)® but also in achieving other relevant qualifications. For businesses, we can help you understand enabling capabilities and supporting factors to provide the best advantages to your project managers.

RCents leverages organic, local, and remote experts to provide the best advice and latest information.  You are never alone when you are working with RCents.

Marketing and Recruiting

We build mutual understanding and respect.  Project managers, be prepared to articulate your value.  Hiring managers and recruiters, be prepared to articulate your advantages.  There’s no limit to the level of success you can enjoy when you start with strong professional relationships.

Frequently Asked Questions

Project Management Careers

What kind of clients do you work with?

RCents aims to establish career relationships beginning in the $100,000 salary range and above.  This means that the optimum project manager candidates are certified Project Manager Professionals®, college graduates, and professionally recognized.  The optimum hiring businesses intend to pay the commensurate salary level and provide an appropriate professional environment.

Don’t rule yourself out in asking for help.  Helping is why we are here.

What does this cost?

Our fees are modest.  RCents primarily operates as a public service although we are not yet registered as an official “non-profit” organization.  We will communicate any fee details up front.  Remember, trust and be trustworthy.

RCents is willing to support your non-profit organization.  Please contact us for more information.

Is RCents in my area?

RCents LLC is located in Virginia Beach, Virginia and covers the Hampton Roads region.  We generally support face-to-face initiatives only in this area.

Is RCents affiliated with PMI?

RCents LLC is proud to donate service benefits to active members of Project Management Institute Hampton Roads free of charge through 2014!

RCents as an entity is not directly affiliated with Project Management Institute or their chapters.  The PMP® and Project Management Professional® certifications are registered marks of the Project Management Institute. For information, visit

I earned my Project Management Professional® certification in 2013 and quickly transitioned from a successful military career to a rewarding private sector health care project management career.  I did it by using my network.  I want to help you do the same.

Robert Casper, PMP, Owner

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